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Aritist With His Wire Mesh Depiction of

French/Dane Artist Pissaro

About the Artist 

Each one of my wire mesh sculptures is hand crafted using only my fingernails and scissors; though intermittently assisted by any nearby object [or small screw] when I need to evoke a smaller impression. Each is an original work; no two ever exactly alike. Though at times I DO enjoy specific studies enough to recreate, it only suggests a repetitive process no different than any artist working with a live model and requesting that model hold fast to a favorite pose while ending the session with a series of 12, 15 or more sketches of that one study.

wire mesh depictin of Pissaro

While you'll find the sculptures to be notably interactive they also represent an entirely new take on the meaning of "reliefs" or "friezes" perhaps because of their intriguing 'translucent/transparent' innately attached shadow. Although I don't pay attention to these shadows when working; a subplot to me, they're not less important to the end results.

This detailed shadow is the result of an affectation historically known as 'cross-hatching' (applied by artists most associated with charcoal drawings and sketches to their two-dimensional renderings, though perhaps more popularly known through architects and their sketched renderings). This is moreover a contemporary extension of an age-old vision (Fibonacci Sequence) based upon all things physical, as a universal grid, originating from the Hindi. The Italian explorer (Fibonacci) came in contact with this ancient culture and propagated a related mathematical equation to this vision to the larger world.

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